Air4 Pro In-ear aptX Lossless Wireless Earbuds

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    • Snapdragon Sound with aptX Lossless
    • 13mm Dynamic Driver for Immersive Sound
    • Adaptive ANC Tech& Triple Mics Noise-Cancellation
    • 88ms Low Latency Game Mode
    • Total 26 Hrs Playtime& App Control

100% Authentic Product By M!DN!DHT ESSENTIALS

12 Months Brand Warranty.

Air4 Pro In-ear aptX Lossless Wireless Earbuds

Snapdragon Sound and AptX Lossless – Your Ticket to Acoustic Excellence

air4 pro

Redefining Audio Excellence

Snapdragon Sound


Snapdragon Sound Technology seamlessly integrates Qualcomm Technologies’ top-notch audio, allowing users to experience music exactly as intended by artists, offering every detail in crystal-clear clarity. It also enables lag-free, immersive mobile gaming with ultra-low latency, creating a seamless experience. Moreover, it enhances your connection with colleagues and loved ones during voice and video calls, delivering true-to-life audio quality.

Where the Sound Becomes Art

AptX Lossless


SoundPEATS wireless earbuds support Qualcomm’s aptX Lossless standard. The technology enables the transmission of CD-quality audio (16-bit/44.1kHz) at bitrates ranging from 1.1Mbps to 1.2Mbps (1,100 to 1,200kbps). To put this in context, aptX Adaptive has a maximum bitrate of 420kbps, aptX HD can handle 576kbps, and LDAC reaches 990kbps. CD audio files typically operate at 1,411kbps, so while there is some compression, no data is lost when encoding and decoding audio using aptX Lossless.

air4 pro

air4 pro

Empower Your Calls with Clarity

AptX Voice


Unlike existing Bluetooth call codecs, aptX Voice ensures crystal-clear 32kHz voice quality, improving clarity, speech intelligibility, and overall sound quality. It’s designed to distinguish voices, reduce background noise, and help decipher similar-sounding words. With a 16kHz flat frequency response, aptX Voice delivers an HD audio experience for both voice calls and music listening, making it ideal for the evolving needs of consumers using wireless earbuds.

Audio and Video Synchronization

Game Mode


Our goal is to drastically improve audio processing technology that connects mobile phones to headsets. We aim to reduce the full link delay to just 88 ms and minimize the headset side delay to 50 ms. This enhancement will provide near-instantaneous, lag-free audio transmission, greatly benefiting applications like gaming and live audio performances.

air4 pro

air4 pro

air4 pro

air4 pro


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